(As of November 2006)

The Academy of Toxicological Sciences certifies toxicologists who are recognized by their peers for their expertise and sound scientific judgment. The purpose of the recognition and certification is to ensure the competence and experience of professionals whose work affects public welfare.

In attaining this goal, each Fellow must maintain high ethical standards, recognize a duty to share this knowledge with the public and be a thoughtful advocate for human, animal, and environmental health. To this purpose, this code requires a personal commitment. Fellows of the Academy of Toxicological Sciences:

  • Conduct their work and themselves with objectivity and integrity.
  • Hold as inviolate that credible science is fundamental to all toxicologic research and forms the basis for communicating results.
  • Recognize a duty to communicate information concerning health, safety, and toxicity in a timely and responsible manner, with due regard for the significance and credibility of the available data.
  • Give due consideration to the ethical, legal, social and policy implications of their research and communications.
  • Be a thoughtful advocate for human and environmental health.
  • Abstain from professional judgments influenced by undisclosed conflict of interest, make reasonable efforts to disclose any material conflicts of interest and, insofar as possible, avoid situations that imply a conflict of interest.
  • Observe the spirit, as well as the letter, of law, regulations, and ethical standards with regard to the welfare of humans and animals involved in their experimental procedures.
  • Practice high standards of occupational health and safety for the benefit of themselves, their co-workers, trainees, and other personnel.

Claims that fellows of the Academy of Toxicological Sciences have not adhered to the code in a material way should be submitted in writing to ATS Headquarters. The ATS legal counsel will review the documentation and make recommendations to the Board. The Board can take action in response to objections only when those objections or comments have been acted upon by adjudicative bodies. In cases where the claims have been substantiated, the Board shall decide upon and undertake appropriate action as it pertains to a prospective Fellow and/or a Fellow.