Holders of the Office of Secretary/Treasurer

1981–1994Dr. Robert G. Tardiff (personal support)
1994–1998Dr. David J. Brusick (assisted by Ms. Diane Sheehan)
1998–2006Dr. Mildred S. Christian (assisted by Ms. Marjorie A. Vargo)
2006–2009 Dr. Marion Ehrich
2009–2012Dr. Peter L. Goering
2012–2015Dr. Lois D. Lehman-McKeeman
2015-2018Dr. Paul M.D. Foster

Past Presidents

1981–1987Dr. Robert P. Giovacchini*
1987–1990Dr. John P. Frawley*
1990–1991Dr. George J. Levinskas*
1991–1993Dr. Charles L. Winek
1993–1994 Dr. Edwin V. Buehler*
1994–1995Dr. Robert G. Tardiff
1995–1996Dr. Emil A. Pfitzer*
1996–1997 Dr. Mildred S. Christian*
1997–1998Dr. Gordon W. Newell*
1998–1999Dr. Robert Snyder
1999–2000Dr. Donald E. Gardner
2000–2001Dr. John A. Thomas
2001–2002Dr. A. Wallace Hayes
2002–2003Dr. Judith A. Graham
2003–2004Dr. James A. Popp
2004–2005Dr. Janice E. Chambers
2005–2006Dr. Sidney Green
2006–2007Dr. William Slikker Jr.
2007–2008Dr. Charlene A. McQueen
2008–2009Dr. Glenn Sipes
2009–2010Dr. Barbara D. Beck
2010–2011Dr. William Brock
2011–2012Dr. James S. Bus
2012–2013Dr. James C. Lamb IV
2013–2014Dr. Peter L. Goering
2014–2015Dr. Kendall B. Wallace
2015–2016Dr. Michael P. Holsapple
2016-2017Dr. Matthew Bogdanffy
2017-2018Dr. Leigh Ann Burns Naas
2018-2019Dr. Ruth Roberts
2019-2020Dr. Michael Aschner