Dr. Robert Roy FATS is currently the sole proprietor of Northland Toxicology Consultants, LLC. Perviously, he was a Lead Toxicology Specialist in the Corporate Toxicology and Environmental Sciences Group at 3M in St. Paul, MN.  In his 25 years at 3M, Rob supported the toxicology and regulatory toxicology needs of numerous industrial, consumer and medical businesses.  He also supported the toxicology aspects of 3M’s Consumer Health Care, Advanced Materials and Medical Specialties Divisions.  Rob served as a subject matter expert for human health risk assessment and the development of health-based toxicity values.  He served in numerous technical leadership roles including Chair of the 3M OEL Committee, toxicologist representative on the 3M Corporate Institutional Review Board and Corporate TSCA 8(e) Committee.

Rob actively supports the advancement of toxicological sciences via committee work, teaching and mentoring.  He was a founding member of the Northland Regional Chapter of SOT and has twice served as elected President. He is a member of SOT and ACT; serving on the SOT CE Committee (2016-2019), and SOT Collaborative Conferences Committee (starting in 2022) and serves as an instructor in the annual ACT Advanced Comprehensive Toxicology course and in many courses presented by the Society for Chemical Hazard Communication.  He is a member of the editorial boards of TIH, TRA and IJT.  He is a 27-year member of the national Workplace Environmental Exposure Level (WEEL) Committee, an appointed member of the NIOSH Board of Scientific Counselors (2020-2024) and served as a member of the ABT Board of Directors (2013-2017).  He is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health and Indiana University Fairbanks School of Public Health.